Here are my readings. Work in progress: still merging with some older lists of books read.



Book Author Comments Last Read Pref
(WIP) (PT) Os dias loucos do PREC Adelino Gomes, José Pedro Castanheira Recollection of the Hot Summer of 1975 in Portugal (11 March - 25 November) that followed the "Carnation" revolution of April 25th 1974 and that replaced the dictatorial regime Estado Novo. The account ends in the failed Communist coup and pro-democracy counter-coup of November 25th 1975. It struggles to maintain a conductive narrative but it is decisively objective, keeping mostly to accounts in newspapers and with relatively small commentary. - 4️⃣
Architecture Without Architects Bernard Rudofsky A short introduction to non-pedigreed architecture. This is a short book with black & white pictures of examples of early and non-modern architecture. It's curated but diverse, and beautiful. 2020 5️⃣
Prisoners of Geography Tim Marshall A view of the nations strengths and weaknesses - and fears - through the lenses of geopolitics. The author merges history and clever extrapolations to explain what we can expect of the peoples and nations in light of the rivers, mountains, plains, oceans and lakes that surround them. 2020 5️⃣
Endurance Alfred Lansing The story of Ernest Schakleton. He and his crew of 27 got stranded when trying to reach and then cross Antarctica on foot, which was then uncharted. 2019 5️⃣
Permanent Record Edward Snowden Autobiographic description of the upbringing of Ed Snowden who leaked the NSA mass surveillance programs. At times the book sounds too fatalistic, as if his path was written since a long time ago in his infant hacks, teenage school defiance, etc. Overall it gives a solid personal perspective of who he is and the steps before, during and after his he revelations. 2019 4️⃣
How it was/ (PT) Foi assim Zita Seabra Story of the authors life through the end of Portuguese Dictatorship, the 1974 revolution, the hot summer, the transition to a democracy, and life after it. It includes a nice, crisp recollection of her going clandestine for 8 years, becoming a member of the PCP (Portuguese Communist Party) and eventually part of the Political Commission of the Central Committee of PCP, including the inner workings and objectives of the party: overthrow the dictatorship first, then implement socialism and then communism, all via revolution (meant as armed action). The book grows into her growing conviction, first, and then denial and disappointment as the revolution happens, holds onto democracy and keeps PCP a small party, which prompts her to urge her communist fellows to change course to a pro-election, European communism, which gets her expelled. Then it concludes with her personal recounting of the last days of communism and the USSR, the perestroika and the fall of the Berlin Wall. 2019 5️⃣
Nostalgia for the Absolute George Steiner Short, compelling theory on the appearance and failure of multiple absolutist philosophies and movements, from Communism to UFOs. 2014 5️⃣
Dispatches Michael Herr - - 4️⃣


Book Author Comments Pref
The Odes and Epodes of Horace Quintus Horatius Flaccus Timeless stories of human life. 5️⃣
Simplicities Oscar Mandel Compelling, smart poetry. 5️⃣


Book Author Comments Last Read Pref
Japan 1945 - A U.S. Marine's Photographs from Ground Zero Joe O'Donnell Great photographs from Japan after the Atom bomb was dropped. - 4️⃣
Maus Art Spiegelman Comic about the life of a holocaust surviver, before, during and after the WWII - 4️⃣
Up Front Bill Mauldin Comic strips about soldiers life during in World War 2 - 4️⃣
Eyewitness to World War II Neil Kagan and Stephen G. Hyslop for National Geographic - 4️⃣
My friend Dahmer Derf Backderf Terrific story about a strange teenager who would become a serial killer. - 4️⃣
The Carter Family Frank Young and David Lasky Comic about the life of A.P. Carter, the Carter family and American Country and Folk music. - 4️⃣
46750 João Pina Photography framing the 46750 deaths that happened in Rio de Janeiro during 2017-2016 while the city prepares for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. - 3️⃣
Drawing Fire: A combat artist at War Howard Brodie High quality drawings from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam. - 5️⃣
The New Nomads Gestalten Houses and spaces for a dynamic life. Some interesting creations but also lots of far-fetched concepts. 2019-05 3️⃣
The Box Sibylle Kramer Architectural solutions with Containers. Most practical stuff and some very interesting houses, told alongside useful numbers about containers and shipping. 2019-05 4️⃣



Book Author Comments Pref
84, Charing Cross Road Helene Hanff - 3️⃣
Embers Sándor Márai Beautiful story. 4️⃣
Gretta Erskine Caldwell - 4️⃣
Chosen Stories (PT edition "Histórias Escolhidas por um Psicopata") Edgar Allan Poe - 4️⃣
Tender is the Night F. Scott Fitzgerald - 4️⃣
Of Human Bondage Somerset Maugham - 4️⃣
Doghead Morten Ramsland - 4️⃣


Book Author Comments Last Read Pref
Mooncop Tom Gauld Short graphic novel on the melancholic deflation of aspirations. Man colonized the moon - but life wins. 2020-06 4️⃣
From Hell Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell Brilliant conjecture about the story of Jack the Ripper. 2019-05 4️⃣
Parker - The Score (Book 3) Richard Stark, adapted and illustrated by Darwin Cooke. 2017 3️⃣



Book Author Comments Pref
1984 George Orwell Compelling dystopian view of an authoritarian state. Contrasts with Brave New World from Aldous Huxley. 4️⃣
Animal Farm George Orwell - 5️⃣
The Road Cormac McCarthy - 5️⃣
The War of the Worlds H. G. Wells - 5️⃣
The Time Machine H. G. Wells - 5️⃣
Brave New World Aldous Huxley - 5️⃣
Brave New World Revisited Aldous Huxley - 4️⃣
The Picture of Dorian Grey Oscar Wilde - 5️⃣
Screwtape Letters C. S. Lewis Fun. 4️⃣
Screwtape Proposes a Toast C. S. Lewis Fun. 4️⃣
Till We Have Faces C. S. Lewis Very good myth story 5️⃣
Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie - 4️⃣
- Ringworld
- The Ringworld Engineers
- The Ringworld Throne
- Ringworld's Children
- Fate of Worlds
Larry Niven Exciting science fiction with an amazing level of detail. 4️⃣
Avogadro Corp
- Avogadro Corp
- A.I. Apocalypse
- The Last Firewall
- The Turing Exception
William Hertling Great series about AI and technology. Eye opening fiction story about how a simple use case of technology can result in an Artificial Intelligence. 4️⃣
Heart of a Dog Mikhail A. Bulgakov A metaphor for the attempt by the soviet bourgeois elite to create a new proletariat. 5️⃣


Book Author Comments Pref
Watchmen Alan Moore One of the best books I've ever read. Story with epic plot and detail. 5️⃣
V for Vendetta Alan Moore Instant, fast-paced classic. -
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
- Volume I
- Volume II
- Black Dossier
- Volume III: Century 1910
- Volume III: Century 1969
- Volume III: Century 2009
- Nemo: Heart of Ice
- Nemo: The Roses of Berlin
- Nemo: River of Ghosts
Alan Moore Epic rhapsody of heroes. 5️⃣
The Perry Bible Fellowship - Almanack Nicholas Gurewitch Witty, bitter, fun, sarcastic comic strip. 5️⃣

Project: Nobel prize in Literature

Reading at least one of each.

Book Author Comments Pref
Christ Legends and Other Stories Selma Lagerlöf (Sweden) NPIL 1909 4️⃣
The Wreck Rabindranath Tagore (India) NPIL 1913 3️⃣
The royal guest Henrik Pontoppidan (Denmark) NPIL 1917. Suspenseful. 5️⃣
Victoria Knut Hamsun (Norway) NPIL 1920 4️⃣
Penguin Island Anatole France (France) NPIL 1921. Humorous dystrophy. 5️⃣
The Late Mattia Pascal Luigi Pirandello (Italy) NPIL 1934. Fun fiction . 4️⃣
Demian Hermann Hesse (Germany) NPIL 1946. 4️⃣
Siddhartha Hermann Hesse (Germany) NPIL 1946. 4️⃣
Murder in the Cathedral T. S. Eliot (U.S.A.) NPIL 1948. 3️⃣
The Dwarf Pär Lagerkvist (Sweden) Fun fictional story coupled with history. NPIL 1951. 5️⃣
Thérèse Desqueryroux François Mauriac (France) NPIL 1952. 3️⃣
To a god Unkown John Steinbeck (U.S.A.) NPIL 1962. 5️⃣
The wall Jean-Paul Sartre (France) NPIL 1964 (declined). 3️⃣
Thousand Cranes Yasunari Kawabata (Japan) NPIL 1968. 3️⃣
Endgame Samuel Beckett (Ireland) NPIL 1969. 4️⃣
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (U.S.S.R.) NPIL 1970. 5️⃣
I confess that I have lived Pablo Neruda (Chile) NPIL 1971. 4️⃣
The Solid Mandala Patrick White (Australia) NPIL 1973. 4️⃣
The Magician of Lublin Isaac Bashevis Singer (Poland) NPIL 1978. Magical, fun fiction. 5️⃣
The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira and Her Heartless Grandmother Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia) NPIL 1982. 5️⃣
The Double Tongue William Golding (U.K.) NPIL 1983. Very good, enticing, story. 5️⃣
Arabian Nights and Days Naguib Mahfouz (Egypt) NPIL 1988. Magical, fun fiction. 5️⃣
A world of strangers Nadine Gordimer (South Africa). NPIL 1991. 5️⃣
Cat and mouse Günter Grass (Germany) NPIL 1999. 5️⃣
The Tin Drum Günter Grass (Germany) NPIL 1999. Cool, magical, fun, fiction in a Historical setting. 5️⃣
Slow Man J. M. Coetzee (South Africa) NPIL 2003. 5️⃣
Old times Harold Pinter (U.K.) NPIL 2005. 4️⃣



Book Author Comments Last Read Pref
A concise guide to Macro Economics David A. Moss Easy guide for Money, Inflation, interest rates, banks, international trade, for absolute beginners. - 4️⃣
A Social Strategy Mikolaj J. Piskorski Great book about social networks and strategy. - 5️⃣
Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson Critical view of Apple's founder. - 3️⃣
Becoming Steve Jobs Brent Schlender, Rick Tetzeli. Balanced view of the good and bad of SJ. - 3️⃣
Venture Deals Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson The A-Z of VC investment, for entrepreneurs. No pre-readings required. - 4️⃣
The Everything Store Brad Stone Great story about Amazon and Jeff Bezos. - 4️⃣
Powerful Patty McCord About Netflix culture. - 5️⃣
Creative selection Ken Kocienda Great book about the Apple darwinian process of developing products (Demo > Refine > New demo) and how it balances algorithms (instructions for an objective goal) with heuristics (instructions achieved by trial and error to complete a subjective goal). - 4️⃣
Ogilvy on advertising David Ogilvy Clear tale about one of the most successful advertisers of all times. Ogilvy explains how ad agencies, executives, creatives have and copy writers work. Many gold nuggets. - 5️⃣
The Elements Of Style W. Strunk Jr. & E.B. White Useful booklet about how to write better english. Many good do's and don'ts. 2019-03 4️⃣
The 100 Greatest Advertisements Julian W. Watkins Must read for anyone who writes about products and services. Some ads and lessons seem out of fashion (way too much copy). Favs: “Wanted: Volunteers For the South Pole”; Eastman Kodak - “You press the button, we do the rest”; Steinway - “The Instrument of the Immortals”; Ford Air Transport - “lift up your eyes”; Listerine - “often a Bridesmaid, But never a Bride”; Big Ben - “First he whispers, then he shouts”; Young & Rubicam - “Impact”; Rolls-Royce - “to a man who is afraid to let his dream come true”; Boston & Maine - “That’s a hell of a way to run a railroad”; Webb Young - “hand woven by the mountain people of New Mexico”; Merrill Lynch - “Too long?”; Bruggners - “White Elephant Sale”; Warner & Swasey - “Wonder what a Frenchman thinks about”. 2019-04 4️⃣