Humberto Bento Ayres Pereira.

Most of my ideas originate from interactions. I am are easily provoked by what others say they want, and also by using whatever already exists.

  • in terms of people, my inspiration is my family, colleagues & friends; and always, the anonymous mob on the streets, books and the internet.
  • in terms of products, my inspiration is pretty much anything that crosses my path: a computer, a software, a dishwasher, a window..

Full-time experience

— 2016-xxxx: Founder of dashdash.com, the spreadsheet with Integrations & a slick sharing experience.
— 2014-2016: Founder and Co-CEO at EatFirst.com, an online restaurant.
— 2012-2014: Founder and CEO at Skin.pt, a Health & Beauty business.
— 2009-2011: MBA at Harvard Business School.
— 2008-2009: Consultant at McKinsey in strategy & tech projects.
— 2006-2007: Research intern at Caltech, building road vision software for the DARPA race.
— 2002-2007: EE+CS Engineering at the University of Porto.

Part-time experience
— 2020-xxxx: Angel investor (pre-seed) at XXXXXXXXXXXX.
— 2020-xxxx: Advisor and Angel Investor (Seed) at Replai.ai.
— 2014-xxxx: Board Member, pre-seed Angel Investor and minor Co-Founder of AirCourts.com, a sports booking service.

I cycle (casually) and run.