Portuguese tech entrepreneurs

Now and then I get asked about who I follow in Portuguese tech. This is my list:

  • João Sousa. He's a Professor of Control & Dynamic Systems in Porto's Engineering University, FEUP. He created and leads the LSTS.pt lab where a team of ~20 develops tech for all kinds of autonomous vehicles ("drones"). They perform research and actual missions including planes, copters, submarines with participating assets from the Navy and Air Force of multiple countries, companies and other research institutes. They do HW, from which an underwater vehicle spin-off was created. They also develop and offer a compelling, full featured SW tool chain for command and control of UVs.
  • João Barros. Also a FEUP professor. Founder of Veniam.com, the vehicular mesh network that is backed by Union Square Ventures, from the USA. This particular company and its backers are a strong validation of the Portuguese tech talent.
  • Cristina Fonseca. Co-founder at TalkDesk.com, the call center as a service from Portugal. I used TalkDesk as our call center software in my first startup. She moved on after a fistful of years, and I'm hoping for more great stuff from Cristina in the future.
  • André Duarte. He's AirCourts.com founder. He wants people to do more sports, and is trying to help by changing the way we book sports venues. Started in Porto, Portugal. It's a privilege to have made a small investment in AirCourts and to sit in the Board of Directors and be able to witness the growth of this company.
  • Rui Ribeiro and Pedro Fortuna. They created JScrambler, a technology that makes the front-end apps and scripts of websites secure and more optimized. It's quite big, and used by S&P500 companies.
  • Emanuel Sá. He's a co-founder of Sketch, at SketchApp.com, a beautiful Mac app that is now a standard in interface editing software for apps and websites