Leading from the bottom of the org chart

HR-wise, the place of a great leader is in the bottom of an organization.

A great leader at the bottom:

  • recognizes that the companies employees are the front line of the business's and gives them corresponding responsibilities and credit
  • hires better people than himself or herself to do each value-add function
  • maintains a super high level of motivation and performance by providing accurate, objective goals and feedback
  • recognizes that the job fit depends on the person, the function and the specific present objectives of the company. It is not personal, but sometimes certain employees need to go
  • acts as an internal consultant, not vested in any scared cows, who only wants to help making better decisions. The consultant leader fights for structure, not for a particular solution. The consultant leader is fair and balanced. The consultant leader helps iterate the current company into a future vision

I personally have a hard time not jumping into every discussion and Leading from the bottom. I tend to micromanage at the slightest doubt that someone may not be on top of his or her game. It's a work in progress for me, though I think I have made some progress. I now surround myself of people who are more experienced, and act much quicker when I don't see that, by changing roles and people.

So make yourself the bottom of the organization. Because a company culture where the CEO and other managers are there to serve and help the team is a great one.